Ann Arbor Art Fair

This event, which is composed of 4 independent fairs, draws more than 1,000 artists and more than half a million visitors between July 16 and July 19.  In addition to the fairs, there are free concerts and a variety of food and drink vendors.

Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original (734-994-5260) is at Ingalls Mall between North University and W. Washington

State Street Area Art Fair (734-663-6511) is in the shopping districts around State and Liberty

Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair (734-662-3382) has a downtown section on Main and Liberty and a campus section on S. State

Ann Arbor's South University Art Fair (734-663-5300) occupies most of the South University business district and adjoining East University and Church.

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(Ann Arbor Art Fair Website)

Guy Hollerin's Local Blues and Brews Proudly Presents:

The Bluescasters taking the stage at 8pm this Saturday May 31st!

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Monday July 28, 2014